Types Of Performances

Sound Bath Celtica

By experiencing a beautiful range of melodic sounds from the violin, energizing tunes are played alongside serene and calming tunes. Colin uses his innate ability to tap into the group energy and he uses that as the source for a customized sound bath experience. Bring your favorite yoga matt or comfy cushions and really unwind and relax and feel the Increased Calm after a busy week ... the greater clarity of mind... and the ability to easily hold more focus and peacefulness

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House Concert

A House Concert is a concert in someone's house or perhaps a cafe or restaurant where friends are invited along to an intimate evening with musicians and artists. The event might take place on a Friday evening or on a weekend and can be a wonderful way to end the week. The house concert can also be a great way to get to know your neighbours, especially if you have recently moved to an area.

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Celtic Music Session Workshop Online Series

If you answer yes to any of these questions then this Celtic Music Session Workshop Online Series might be for you. 

- Do you travel long distances to Celtic music sessions?

- Do you work away from home a lot and work late?

- Do you want to build up your tune repertoire?

- Would you like to have even more fun when playing in a Celtic music session?

- Do you want to learn how to pick up tunes in a Celtic music session

The Celtic Music Session Workshop Online Series is a place online where you can get together with other musicians to learn new tunes, make new friends, blow the cobwebs of the week away and have fun! 

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Celtic Music Session Online Subscription Service

Someone once asked me what a Celtic music session was.

I mentioned that it was a group of musicians who got together, perhaps in someone's home or in a pub to play a few tunes, sing some songs or occasionally tell stories.

For me, Celtic music sessions have been a way to recharge after a hard day's work, a way to make new friends in a different country, one of the ways to help adjust emigrating from one country to another.

And the sessions are always special with the tunes the musicians choose to play, the conversation and the journey to and from the location.

Whilst travelling, there has not always been a Celtic music session near at hand and I thought that it might be a good idea to create a series of seesions online so that musicians could access these from anywhere in the world.

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