Have fun joining in a Celtic music session online.

You don't need to know a lot of tunes to wait to find fellow Celtic music enthusiasts to play a tune with and inspire you. Sign up for the Celtic music session workshop online and join our community to play with confidence, learn more tunes, and have more fun.  

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Gut's Violin To Illustrate Improv

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As soon as you sign up, we'll send you an email with details of the next Celtic music session workshop online. Then, follow the instructions on how to get your computer set up to join in online. (And don't worry—when you're on the go, there will be a recording which you can access in your own time.)

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Guru Resipole Fiddle Fest

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The first time you attend the session online, we'll lead you through a simple setup process to define your goals and playing history. From there, we'll do the work of sending you playing challenges made just for you.

The Heart Of Listening

Yep, we've got real players on staff! Your membership comes with one Celtic music session chat and virtual training session, where you can talk through your Celtic music session goals and get technical pointers from a pro.  

Want to continue getting guidance? You can sign up for a series of additional training sessions through the Celtic Fiddle Guru Academy website whenever you'd like.

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Celtic Music Session

Join the community

This isn't just an Academy. It's a community. Get advice from other music session players in the forum, take part in playing sessions, and even swap tunes. Plus, use the video upload feature to receive feedback on your playing in a safe and nurturing environment—and even join the online group music sessions with musicians from different parts of the world.

Roaming Free (Colin MacLeod & Rory Sinclair)

Complete challenges & win prizes

Sure, a good playing session has its own reward. But who doesn't like a little positive reinforcement from time to time? Get prizes when you meet your biggest goals or overcome your biggest fears in our monthly challenge.

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Play Mor*, To Play More. 

*Mor = Scottish Gaelic Word For Big  



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  • Learn To Play By Ear
  • Fortnightly Q&A Session
  • Fortnightly Celtic Music Session Workshops Online

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  • Develop Your Playing By Ear Skills And Shape Your Sound
  • Personal Playing Assessment
  • Includes a year's access to the Academy
  • Access to Celtic music session training library
  • Join a Celtic Music Session Booster Group



  • Develop Your Playing By Ear Skills And Shape Your Sound
  • Personal Playing Assessment
  • Includes a year's access to the Academy
  • Access to Celtic music session training library
  • Join a Celtic Music Session Booster Group
  • Complete challenges and earn prizes
  • Bonus: free onboarding session with a master Celtic fiddle player

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

If you choose to go Pro, your payment of $1297 gets you the regular Celtic music sessions and a year's worth of access to the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery community plus a 1:1 onboarding session with a master Celtic fiddle player. You may have the opportunity to upgrade your fiddle playing skills as we build out the Academy, but you don't have to pay anything more if you don't want to.  

Does it matter if I'm new to playing in a Celtic music session?

Nope! If you're just getting started, we think this is the best way to start building your skills to playing in a Celtic music session anywhere in the world safely and comfortably. You'll learn a ton about Celtic music tunes, terminology, and even how to improve your technique in our forums.  

How do I know it's for me?

Do you love to play the violin or fiddle or another instrument? Then it's for you. We've seen members start off playing tunes for three or four times per week and work their way up to playing in Celtic music sessions within a few months.  

How much do I have to participate in the community?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more fun if you complete your profile and contribute to the forums, but you can also use the platform as a more straightforward way to shape your musical sound if you'd like.  

When can I get started?

Right away! As of Mar 2020, the Academy is up and running and our community is growing each week. In fact, we'd recommend joining as soon as possible—we won't be able to maintain the low introductory price forever.  

What kind of challenges can I compete in?

You'll start by choosing the kinds of tune sets you like to do (slow air, jigs, or reels). Then, we'll show you individual and group challenges based on your preferences. You can always change your choices later.  

Does my location matter?

You can join the Academy and community from anywhere in the world.  

What kind of prizes can I earn?

We're adding new prizes almost every month as we partner with more sponsors. Expect to find chances to win accessories, gift certificates, and even lessons with a top Celtic fiddle player.  

A Note from the Founder

How it all started  

When I first got serious about joining in a Celtic music group session anywhere in the world, I had two options:  

a) Stay at home and play tunes by myself all alone in my exurban community (where celtic music sessions were pretty much unheard of), enjoying the playing but missing any kind of fun and social connection. 

b) Spend money and time to travel a couple of hours or more to find a Celtic music session—totally fine, but not my style.  

I dreamt of a Celtic music group session that wasn't bound by geography, where it was easy to find other musicians who shared a love of Celtic music. Where there might be talk about the latest tune learnt, and then making plans to join in a Celtic music session over the weekend. Where it was possible to pay as much attention to my goals and milestones as I wanted to.  

That's why I created the School Of Celtic Fiddle Mastery community. I hope you'll join us and see how we can make your Celtic music session experience even better.

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Have fun joining in a Celtic music session and shape your playing at the same time. If you don't absolutely love it, we'll refund your payment ASAP—no questions asked.